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OMICRON is an international supplier of innovative testing, diagnostic and monitoring solutions for the electricity supply industry. Our products and services make it possible to accurately and realistically assess the status of equipment in the energy grid. Our customers include energy supply companies, industrial operations, and product manufacturers for the generation and supply of electricity.

Our diverse portfolio also extends to commissioning, consulting, and training services. Extraordinarily good customer service and the opportunity to exchange knowledge truly matter to us. These things help us to build long-term relationships that benefit everyone involved and to join with our customers and partners in meeting the challenges of the constantly changing energy sector.

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One more time, for the "technically challenged", by the "technically challenged":

The energy grid supplies the electricity we get from electrical sockets at home and at work every day. But before it reaches the end user, this energy first has to be generated, converted, transported, and distributed. This requires a variety of equipment like generators (to produce electricity), transformers (for converting the electricity into the appropriate amplitudes and voltages), and power lines (for transporting the electricity). It also calls for protective facilities such as trip units that kick in if a fault occurs.
Here's an example: A heavy storm causes a tree to fall onto power lines. To prevent damage to people or property, as well as a large-scale power outage, the electrical current flow has to be interrupted. The trip unit is responsible for registering the fault (a power surge or insufficient voltage) and sending the appropriate signal to the circuit breaker to stop the electrical current flow to the affected area. These trip units have to be tested regularly to ensure that they work properly if there is a genuine fault. OMICRON develops and markets this testing device. The same goes for test equipment designed to evaluate the performance of the widest variety of equipment (transformers, power lines, circuit breakers…) in the grid and report on their operational status.

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We believe that education is the key to a better future for children and young people in the world's developing regions. We sponsor educational projects in such regions through the non-profit organization, "Crossing Borders." OMICRON is the initiative's primary sponsor and has helped “Crossing Borders” to make a positive difference throughout the world. Our commitment to the project speaks to another central principle of our day-to-day work and culture: We encourage people to think outside the box and take on new challenges; in doing so, we can help change the world.