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Company language

OMICRON is a global company with customers in more than 160 countries and employees that come from more than 50 nations; English is our common language that enables us to share our work across different regions.

Soft skills

While teamwork is very important at OMICRON, working here often involves taking a personal initiative. Employees are entrusted with projects of their own from day one. We firmly believe in trust and we appreciate enthusiasm and commitment. So if you are open to new ideas, and are eager to learn, then you should consider a career at OMICRON.


At OMICRON we recognize that there are many ways to attain expert knowledge. Although we value those very highly who have degrees in fields that relate to what we do, we are also open to those who have acquired their expertise in less conventional ways. Already having a great deal of relevant knowledge is not necessarily a prerequisite for working here, because we also know that exposure to these fields within a hands-on environment is a great way of gaining expertise through doing.

So if you are willing to advance your knowledge while you work, we are here to support you by offering internal and external training. This support starts on your first day and continues throughout your entire employment time with us.