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Company language: English

OMICRON is a global company with customers in 150 countries and employees from 50 different nations. We work closely with our colleagues in our other business locations. This means that English is an important tool for us, but it's more than that: Work is simply more fun when you can easily communicate and exchange technical information with co-workers from other countries.

Soft skills are as important as technical expertise.

Teamwork is a part of daily life at OMICRON, but the work here also requires taking personal initiative. You will be given responsibility for your job duties from Day 1 and the opportunity to develop and grow freely. We entrust you with projects of your own, because we firmly believe people do their best when they feel what they are working on is their own.
We appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment— both at work and in your private life. If you consider yourself an original thinker, a good listener, open-minded, communicative, eager to learn and grow, and are also dedicated to ecological and social responsibility, consider a career with OMICRON.

Special know-how – Some people bring it with them, others acquire it here.

While OMICRON welcomes applicants with specialized knowledge extending beyond what can be learned at school, it's hardly a prerequisite. If you're on the inside track about how the latest technologies work or you're an electrical engineering specialist, an applications expert, a project-management ace or you know your way around SCRUM, then you've already got some important skills under your belt. If not, you will get the opportunity at OMICRON to advance your knowledge and skills with training and instruction measures or to simply top up your qualifications yourself in a hands-on environment.