Occupational fields

Occupational fields at OMICRON


  • We have a dedicated team of software developers based in Klaus (Vorarlberg, Austria) and Berlin (Germany).
  • We focus on the entire development cycle of our product software: from concept creation, architecture and design to implementation and participation in automated quality assurance and maintenance.
  • You will work closely on projects with other developers, including programmers, quality assurance and testing experts, GUI designers, and usability specialists.
  • Various types of software are developed for our products, including:
    • Embedded software in test instruments (Linux / C++),
    • Network software,
    • PC applications (C# / .NET or C++ / MFC),
    • Database and client/server applications
  • Our developers benefit from the knowledge and expertise available within the company - collaboration and team development is highly valued.


  • We're responsible for a wide range of electrical and power engineering tasks, including technical support, application engineering, and product management.
  • Technical Support primarily handles technical inquiries from our customers. Team members in this area also conduct product training courses and measurements at customer sites and support the sales team at conferences and fairs.
  • Product Management team members are responsible for launching and marketing our products. They develop strategies and market assessments and contribute to key roadmap decisions. They also conduct on-site training and measurements with customers and support the marketing team in developing marketing tools for the product.


  • We have a wide range of responsibilities in the electronics field, including the construction, maintenance, and repair of test equipment and detecting and eliminating hardware and software problems.
  • In addition, electronic assemblies and components are tested and repaired with accuracy. They also analyze and correct faults to ensure continuous quality improvement.
  • Our electronics technicians are also responsible for configuring and calibrating our products and helping customers maintain and service our equipment.
  • A variety of training opportunities are available in the areas of application and technology knowledge.


  • Logistics / Supply Chain team members support and optimize logistics projects and processes and are responsible for planning and implementing new projects, in addition to managing and coordinating their processes.
  • They support the global implementation of the Supply Chain Management strategy and are responsible for the development, documentation and coordination of new logistics systems.


  • The Marketing team has a wide range of responsibilities and activities for reaching our target audience with a variety of communication tools.
  • They focus on strengthening the global position of our corporate brand and our products and services in various regions of the world.
  • The core tasks of the Marketing Communications team are the development and implementation of communication and promotion concepts for our product portfolio. This involves analyzing markets, target audiences and communication channels, and developing and implementing targeted marketing strategies.
  • Our team members work closely with internal and external teams, stakeholders and an international network.


  • Our sales team is responsible for the successful marketing of our products and services. They provide expert advice to our customers and find the best solutions for them.
  • Products are presented to customers on-site, at trade shows and conferences.
  • Sales professionals use their expertise to identify customer's needs and present them with the right products and services.
  • Our global sales team works together to develop sales strategies that focus on customer value.


  • Central Services comprises various business areas and is divided into the following teams:
    • Finance & Legal
    • Human Resources
    • Corporate Communications
    • Quality Management
    • Office Management
    • Facility & Asset Management
    • Information Systems
    • Diversity & Inclusion / Childcare
    • Procurement & Optimization Services

  • All teams share the common goal of providing efficient services, expertise, and advice to the business, making them reliable partners for various internal processes, projects, and workflows.