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How to apply for the Job at OMICRON

1. Find a suitable vacancy On the "Jobs" site, you find all current vacancies worldwide (that are available in your language). The location filter and the search function on the top of the webpage helps you in finding the best vacancy for you.

2. Apply online In the online application form, fill in your personal details and attach your cover letter, CV and certificates (all together shouldn’t exceed 7MB).

Check your data once again and submit the application.

3. Receive the entry confirmation You’ll receive an entry confirmation immediately, if the application was received by our recruiting team.

4. Give us some time Then be a little patient because the recruiting team takes the time to review every application in detail. We keep you informed about the status of your application through the process.

5. Present yourself in an interview If you qualified for the open position you will be asked in for an interview (in-person or on the phone) with a representative of the respective job area and a member of our recruiting team.

6. Get a taste of OMICRON during the trial day It gives you and us the chance to get to know each other both professionally and personally. The day is arranged in a way that you really get an insight into our work life and your future tasks. You get to know your team members and the company and get the chance to demonstrate your knowledge and convince us that you are the ideal candidate.

7. Receive the job offer Once you completed the taster day and you and us are confident that we match, you receive the job offer.

8. Join the OMICRON team!

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find open vacancies?
On the following page you can find all our current vacancies: Click on the respective job posting to get further information about the position, the tasks and our desired profile and you'll also find a button to apply for this position. If you are looking for an internship or a temporary employment, you also find them in this list. If there is no vacancy that suits you at the moment, please apply under "unsolicited application". There is one unsolicited application for technical and one for commercial areas available. So please choose the appropriate one.
How can I apply?
You can only apply online. You find all open vacancies following this link:
Can I send my application documents via post or e-mail?
Due to a large amount of applications we can only accept online applications as we need all applications in our recruiting system to revise them.
To whom should I address my application documents?
At the end of each vacancy description, you can find the respective contact person for this position.
Which documents do I need to attach?
Please attach your application letter, CV and important certificates (school / university certificates and work certificates).
Which certificates do I have to attach?
Please send us any work certificates and school / university certificates that you have, which are important for the vacancy that you apply for. If we need more documents we would contact you again.
What to do if the online application doesn't work?
Please check the file size (all attachments together should not exceed 7 MB in total) and file format (GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPS, PPTX, PPSX, TXT, TEXT, ASC, PDF, RTF, PRN, PW, ODT, ODS are possible). So please resize and/or reduce non-relevant documents so that they don't exceed 7MB in total. In case you can't resize your documents, please upload your application letter and you CV only. We will contact you again if we need more documents from you. It is not possible to send the application via E-Mail or letter. Please understand that we need all applications in our recruitment system. If you have further questions during the online application, please give us a call – you can find the respective contact person in the job profile.
How does the application process look like?
On this page you can find all information regarding the application process: 
Are the vacancies on the website always up-to-date?
Yes, the vacancies on our website are updated daily and thus should always be up to date.
Whom can I approach if I have further questions?
Please have a look at the job profile where you find the contact person for this position. If you cannot reach the contact person via phone, please send a request via the online contact form (you can find the contact form on top of our company homepage under "contact")
What is the Taster Day at OMICRON about?
The taster day gives you a closer insight into the company, the team and your tasks and helps us to get to know you better. We will prepare tasks for you on which you will work throughout the day. You will present your results at the end of the day. A hint from Human Resources team: Have a closer look at the job profile to know what kind of tasks to expect.
Is English important if I want to work at OMICRON?
English is our company language. You do not need to be perfect in English but you should not be afraid of using it. For those who want to improve their English skills, we offer trainings in-house.
Can I apply for more than one position at the same time?
Please decide beforehand which position suits you best. If you really have more than one position you favour, you can upload your application via unsolicited application and write in the comment field which positions you think could suit you.
What else do I have to indicate if I send an unsolicited application?
Please indicate which work field you would like to work in.
How is the working time organized at OMICRON?
In most areas we have flexible working hours without core hours. Of course, it also depends on your internal and external customers if you need to be reachable at a certain time frame. For example, we in HR don't work during the night. :-)
Is my application treated confidentially?
Of course you can be sure that we treat your application confidentially.
What can I expect from the interview?
In the interview you will normally face one person from HR and the Coach of the team (our team leaders are called "Coaches"). Of course, we will ask you some questions about yourself and your knowledge and experiences to get to know you better. We are also happy to answer your questions and tell you more about the job
Is there anything else I should know?
At OMICRON there's no dress code and everyone is on a first-name basis. ("Du-Kultur")
Does OMICRON also offer internship positions?
Yes, we offer up to one hundred internship positions every year, mainly in the technical field (Hardware or Software Development, Technical Support, Product Management etc.) but also some commercial positions (Marketing, Event Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Legal & Finance, Office Management etc.). Please note that we have more than 600 applicants each year, so do not give up, if you are not successful right away.
Do you offer apprenticeships?
No, so far we do not offer apprenticeships at OMICRON.
Do you offer trainee programs?
No, so far we do not offer trainee programs at OMICRON, but we offer a lot of interesting jobs for graduates.